To get the ball rolling

A short and sweet HELLO! …and just like that, the ball is rolling… I am now officially an architectural photographer!

A huge thank you to my friends, family and colleagues for their encouraging words, their wise adages and their wise cracks, which all felt timed to perfection.

I welcome you all to come along for the ride as I embark on this journey from being an architect with a lot of cameras, to a photographer with a lot of architecture books.

This is blog will be corner of my website will have a little bit of behind the scenes stuff when on location, a little bit about my side projects, and a lot about what is inspiring me in the world of architecture and design - paying special attention to what amazing creative architects, designers and artists here in Perth Western Australia.

Many of you may have come across my name before, maybe in my role as a sessional academic in architectural design at Curtin University - I assure you I don’t bite; or as that pesky project architect that would walk around site pointing at everything and asking “Why…” - sorry, but it was worth it in the end right; either way don’t hesitate to get in touch. I guarantee we will hit it off and in no time will have moved on from talking shop to talking fishing, mountain biking, coffee!

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