Hi! I'm Alistair Dickinson.

I'm an architectural and interiors photographer based in Perth, Western Australia.

I'm also a registered architect with a love of all things design, and use that knowledge and passion to full effect when behind the camera.

Being the son of a furniture maker, husband to an architect, and a trained architect myself, I have never been far away from passionate discussions about design, aesthetics, and function.

Hand in hand with that, I have always been drawn to the potential of the carefully crafted image to transport the viewer into the scene - to feel the warmth of the sun moving across the table as you sink in to that morning coffee; to sense the sounds of the Australian bushland or suburbia drifting high on the afternoon seabreeze; to step in from under our endless sky, kick off your shoes and feel the cool refreshing floor underfoot. Good architectural photography, just like good architecture, is about much more than just the bricks and mortar.

Drawing on my background I make it my mission to create engaging imagery from a position of understanding. I aim to work with you to communicate your architectural vision and share your successes with the world.

So how do we get started?

Here is a quick rundown of the process;

Project intro/brief

Tell me a little bit about your project. For example, what were some of the design challenges you faced and how did you solve them; some of the key aspirations of your client and how did you achieve them; and most importantly what is it about the project that puts a smile on your face.

Feel free to either send me an email or give me a call so we can catch up and you can tell me about your project in greater detail. Head over to the Contact page for how to get in touch.

Once we have a good feel for the architectural or interiors project we can prepare a quote for you.

The Shoot

On reviewing your brief we’ll consider location, light, weather, deadline, etc to propose an optimal time to carry out the shoot, and advise if a pre-shoot walk-through might be beneficial.


We narrow it down to the very best images; give them a good polish; then provide you with a pdf collection for you to select the final images to be delivered.

Delivery and Invoicing

Upon payment of the invoice we will release the licence to you to use the images and provide you with a secure download link containing the final images in jpg format optimised for digital marketing, and high resolution tiff format optimised for print, magazine/editorial pieces, project exhibition boards, award entries, etc.

Using Format