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  1. Photographing a large government department fitout

    04 Apr 2017

    Designed for a large government department in central Perth, by MODE Design, with fitout works carried out by SHAPE Group, this commercial interior was an absolute pleasure to photograph Spread out over four levels the interior design employs the use of colour coding as a way of place making and…

  2. An architectural photographer just having a fun day out in Perth

    28 Mar 2017

    Some days, plain and simple, you just have to get out there and have fun. Architectural photography is about telling a story. That story is sometimes told beginning to end in a single image. Sometimes it is a longer narrative where relationships between detail, space and light are slowly revealed…

  3. Kings Park Education Centre - photographing it four years on

    20 Mar 2017

    The Kings Park Education Centre in Kings Park Botanical Gardens, Perth Western Australia, marks the fourth project within the park for architects Donaldson and Warn - projects that range from a treetop walkway on stilettoes to a subterranean dugout, and a few in between The Education Centre is buried into…

  4. Northam Library - an architecture and photography road trip beyond the Perth city limits

    01 Feb 2017

    So what does an architecture nerd and photographer do on their day off? Yeah you guessed it - take pictures of buildings On this day though I only had one thing on my mind, and that was to take a short road trip out of Perth an head to Northam…

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