Showing Some Love for Perth 6061

What was supposed to be a quick 10 minute walk to the shops, in a not so pretty corner of Perth, to buy some stuff for dinner (pancetta, olive and basil pizza, followed by a pear, walnut and goats cheese pizza for dessert) quickly turned into a bit of a photographic expedition when I saw the quality of the beautiful afternoon light, and epic cloud drama in the sky.

I quickly ducked back into the house and grabbed a camera. This time a grabbed a little Sigma DP1, a frightfully slow and unresponsive little thing that was gifted to me by Sigma Japan as a thankyou for me field testing this little baby prior to its release (a story for another time). This afternoon though, slow and unresponsive was just fine, I mean I was only walking to the shops - not like I was shooting to deliver to a deadline.

I’m never one to chase the obvious photograph, to execute the rules flawlessly, (I take lousy sunset photos), so what was essentially a short walk to the shops with a frightfully slow and unresponsive camera turned into quite an enjoyable flânerie, bringing me back to my roots photographically - with subjects a little different from my commercial architectural photography work.

The pizzas were delicious too.

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